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Thoughts, views and news from David Dasher, MD of CPL Online

'All systems are GO in Bridge Court'

30 May 2013 00:00

As you know, CPL Online has been expanding across three units now for several months, and everyone is settling in nicely; including all our new starters – welcome James (junior data engineer), Brian (junior web developer) Kristy (junior web developer) and Matt (junior animator).

Now we are coming to the final frontier of the expansion: finishing our original dwelling in the front unit and establishing our digital media team.

The digital media team is to be established by September; their aim is to bring another level of technological advancement within CPL Online. The team will work mainly in the green screen room in Unit 1, were all our company videos will be produced professionally in-house; which will aid towards the development of our current and new e-learning course, plus our online products.

As you can see from this YouTube video clip (please follow the link:, the digital media team will be directing CPL Online into new areas of 3D animation - and we can’t wait to see the results!

To keep updated with the expansion and CPL Online’s activities in general, please follow us on Twitter @cplelearning and like our Facebook Page

'The Expansion has begun!'

15 January 2013 00:00

On Monday 14th January, the teams at CPL Online finished moving their belongings across and up to Unit 3: the new, enormous working space.

Ritchie Lam, our IT Support Engineer, has been working flat out along with Antony Millar, the CPL Training Group’s IT Director, to get the server and everyone’s computers and telephones set up in time. They won’t just be setting up Unit 3 however; in February we will also be taking over Unit 2 and Unit 1 is being refurbished, so there is no time for rest for Ritch and Ant!

Unit 3 is not only provides more working space but it also offers to our employees a chill-out area where everyone can relax, have their lunch and even have Xbox sessions. The plan for Unit 2 is for it to contain rooms for managers and creative areas, and we are installing a theatre in Unit 1 where our e-learning courses and online services will be presented to customers.

So, why are we expanding? The main reason is due to our clients: we have seen such levels of success in our target market place that we have begun to adapt the same approach for the larger corporate market, and we have received a fantastic response. The demand has spurred our company’s growth; big businesses are incredibly engaged with training and can instantly recognise the benefits of delivering engaging, interactive and bespoke online training to their employees.

Because of the demands from our corporate clients, we will have to hire more staff throughout 2013 to ensure that we meet our client’s goals. I believe there is a wealth of young, creative people in the design, animation and programming sectors that are in the Merseyside region; and I want them to be part of our business to give them the chance to grow, develop, learn and innovate.

The expansion project will be finished come April, which sounds like a long way off but I’m certain the Easter period will come around quick along with the finalisation of our building’s development.

If you want to watch CPL Online’s progression, check out our Facebook: and Twitter.

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David Dasher
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David is Managing Director of CPL Online, part of the CPL Training Group.

CPL Online is involved in software development as well as the revolutionary e-learning platform.

With over 19 years experience within the IT sector David has worked extensively across the corporate sector developing database, marketing and management solutions.

His instrumental part in the development of our e-learning platform has helped to make it as successful as it is, with more and more companies choosing our e-learning over competitors for its use of technology, accessibility, bespoke options and a wealth of other features to assist companies in their training.

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