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Thoughts, views and news from David Dasher, MD of CPL Online

'The Custom trend'

03 May 2013 00:00

There’s a bit of a fashion trend going on at CPL Online at the minute, and it’s called Custom.

Since January 2012 we have provided 50% of our clients with custom consoles, and 30% of those clients also have had custom courses created that cover compliant topics relevant to their company. For example, Stonegate Pub Company worked with us to create their company induction course ‘Albert’s Law’, which prepares new employees before they begin their job at a Stonegate site; ensuring that everyone is safe and legal. But why are companies going bespoke?

Firstly, people don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ approach; they want their product to be extraordinary and individual. By creating something unique, whether it’s a website or indeed an e-learning course, it creates a talking point amongst employees, customers and competitors.

However, the most obvious reason for the Custom trend for us is training related. Training is perceived as a mundane task by most people and by providing a remedy to the boredom companies would not have to worry about pushing their employees into compliancy. Custom consoles and courses not only provide online, interactive training that create a high-quality learning experience, they also emphasise company branding and reaffirm the ethos of our client’s company.

Within all our client’s custom consoles you will find colours, images, logos, plus additional bespoke features such as buttons that are tailored to match their company branding and ensure fluidity throughout marketing. The familiar branding throughout the console ensures employees immediately recognise their training platform and that they associate their company and their online training as a collective entity.

At CPL Online we are committed to supporting the development of learners. Our bespoke e-learning platforms are the most efficient way for companies to train their staff and they are incredibly easy to use; and that’s why half of our clients have opted for the Custom trend.

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David Dasher
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David is Managing Director of CPL Online, part of the CPL Training Group.

CPL Online is involved in software development as well as the revolutionary e-learning platform.

With over 19 years experience within the IT sector David has worked extensively across the corporate sector developing database, marketing and management solutions.

His instrumental part in the development of our e-learning platform has helped to make it as successful as it is, with more and more companies choosing our e-learning over competitors for its use of technology, accessibility, bespoke options and a wealth of other features to assist companies in their training.

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