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'CPL charity campaign triumphs again'

26 July 2013 15:20

This Sunday six women from the CPL Training Group supported the charity Cancer Research through the UK event "Race for Life".

Race for Life is the second charity campaign CPL has been involved in this year (the last one being Red Nose Day) and it has provided an excellent opportunity for everyone in the company to get involved with the event; whether they were racing or not.

The charity campaigns help to bring everyone together - not just across the Group - but those that work in separate divisions within CPL Online. Events like Race for Life give employees the chance to integrate and create a good working atmosphere. Of course, producing great products like our e-learning courses is something to take pride in, but to see everyone in your company get along with each other is something else.

The campaigns also raise company awareness through social media; our Facebook page has seen over a 300% rise in likes and interactions (e.g. people talking about the page) in the past seven months, and the highest peaks are usually around the same time we upload pictures from charity events.

All in all, I am very proud of the girls. They’ve come together to raise money and awareness for a good cause under the banner of CPL, and I wish them all the best for next year’s Race for Life event.

You can read more about CPL's involvement in the Race for Life event here

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David Dasher
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David is Managing Director of CPL Online, part of the CPL Training Group.

CPL Online is involved in software development as well as the revolutionary e-learning platform.

With over 19 years experience within the IT sector David has worked extensively across the corporate sector developing database, marketing and management solutions.

His instrumental part in the development of our e-learning platform has helped to make it as successful as it is, with more and more companies choosing our e-learning over competitors for its use of technology, accessibility, bespoke options and a wealth of other features to assist companies in their training.

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