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Dasher’s decree for online training

Monday, 18 April 2011

“In today’s busy business world, pubs need to train their staff fast, and online learning offers them an effective and flexible way to do it.”

This is the message David Dasher sent out to pubs during the Publican Awards last week. In his presentation David highlighted the benefits of using online learning to train staff as well as how CPL Online differs from its competitors.

With customised packages, we can offer customers a host of business-focussed benefits including the Results and Stats tool, which shows the statistics on staff performance, where they’re up to on a course as well as a message update to remind them and employers to complete a section of the course.

The accessibility of our online platform enables fast, flexible learning solutions so staff can complete their courses on their breaks or between split shifts. It’s a revolutionary training platform that over the past year, has made huge reductions in training costs, with course prices averaging £30, and delivered an accommodating alternative to traditional face-to-face training methods.

JW Lees is a prime example of reaping the benefits of online learning. Since setting up their e-learning platform a year ago over 1,700 courses have been completed, 500 in the first two months! Staff have completed various modules from health and safety to manual handling.

We designed games, puzzles and more to ensure staff members were involved throughout their learning to help them retain information as this form of training requires a lot of personal responsibility from classroom based learning.

So, after a valuable lesson in embracing technology to secure a brighter business future, David certainly left them with something to think about.