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CPL’s Sketch-Up scheme for Comic Relief promises laughs

Friday, 06 March 2015

Make your face funny for money – that’s the theme for 2015 Comic Relief and at CPL Online, they are taking it to heart!

CPL’s team of animators come up with a unique way of using their creative skills to raise money and a whole lot of laughs for Comic Relief. 

The animation team within CPL Online, responsible for the 2D and 3D animation in so many of CPL’s e-learning courses, are inviting people to send a photo of themselves or a colleague with their funniest expression and have a chance to have their selfie digitally sketched.

The team are asking those wishing to take part to make a donation via submit their chosen selfie to and then patiently wait to see if their selfie has been selected to be sketched-up. 

One winning submission will be chosen each day with the caricature being created and posted online the following day. The Sketch- up will be running for ten days between Monday 2nd March and Friday 13th March. All proceeds will be donated to Comic Relief. 

To show you just how funny the team promise to make you look, CPL’s shy and retiring CEO, Dan Davies has offered his mugshot to be sketched. Dave Dasher, Managing Director of CPL Online, has also stepped up and made his face funny for money! To view these caricatures as well as ones of several well-known Comic Relief supporters including Dermot O’Leary, Lenny Henry and Davina McCall check them out on CPL Online’s Facebook page. 

CPL’s Head of Animation Nikki Anderson said, “So many of our clients run pubs and are full of great ideas about how they can raise money for Comic Relief.  We thought we want to get in on the action and have some fun too. So the challenge is on, if you think you’re brave enough or simply want to help us raise some money and are willing to make your face look funny please send us your photo. We’ll be posting them online via our Facebook and Twitter every day so be sure to get your daily dose of laughter.”

Interested?? Then follow the steps below:

Donate £1 (or as much as you like) via

Send your selfie to or Tweet it to @cplelearning or even message it to us via our CPLELearning Facebook! 

Patiently wait to see if your selfie has been chosen to be Sketched up!